INBIONET at a local level, The Forum BIOTechno PARIS 2017

Feb ,14 2017

INBIONET is not only science at a network level but also at a local level. INBIONET gave me the opportunity to do my PhD in Paris, at the Institut Pasteur.

During these three years in the campus, I got involved in different activities outside the laboratory as a member of StaPa (Young Researchers of Institut Pasteur). StaPa organizes thematic workshops, international conferences, an internal scientific retreat and helps newcomers integration in the Institute and in Paris.

As a member of StaPa, I am part of the organization of the Forum BIOTechno in Paris.

What is the Forum BIOTechno?

The Forum BIOTechno, over the past twenty years, has been an important event which takes place, one full day per year in June, in different French cities and propose to the young researchers in science to discover biotechnology careers and to meet the professional actors of this sector. During this day, students and young doctors in Life Sciences can have the opportunity to discover PhD job opportunities outside academia and the biotechnology market in Europe through conferences and round-tables. Some sessions on how to get ready for a job interview or how to prepare the perfect CV are also organized. During the networking cocktail, participants can have direct contact with the invited speakers and industrial partners of the Forum.

The different Forums organized belong to the RĂ©seau BIOTechno, national network of young researchers, that puts together several national associations of PhD students and young doctors (i.e. StaPa at the Institut Pasteur) in the field of biotechnologies in France.

When and where is the next Forum BIOTechno Paris?

The next Forum BIOTechno Paris 2017 is taking place the 16th of JUNE 2017 at the University Centre Malesherbes of the University Paris- Sorbonne.

Who can I contact if I want more information?

If you want more information about this event or get involved in the organization, you can write to or have a look to the web page

Thanks to the INBIONET blog spot for the possibility to share this exciting and helpful event for young PhD students future careers!

The Forum BIOTechno Paris 2017 organizing team