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What Europe means to me

Mariann Landsberger reflects on what Europe means to her as she gives us a glimpse into her past and present experiences and her hopes for the future.

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Academia or Industry?

As he embarks upon his new adventure, Davide Massa shares with us his journey to securing a career in industry

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The end of the Ph.D adventure

Now that Davide Massa has successfully become a Doctor in Philosophy, he reflects on the last few months of his Ph.D experience in this latest blog

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Antibiotics part 1 a game changer

In this first of 3 report on antibiotics, Jana Musilova examines how the discovery of antibiotics has significantly revolutionized medicine in the 20th century.

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A secondment at home

Sylviane Yoba summarises the invaluable experience gained whilst completing her INBIONET secondment at Institut Pasteur

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One-day supervision of visiting high school students

Davide Massa shares the views of 2 secondary school students who had the opportunity to spend one week in the lab of Professor Andrew Bowie at Trinity College Dublin.  Davide reflects on how he found the opportunity to supervise these students a rewarding experience.

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